XYZZY Awards 2013 Eligibility List

We’re about done with assembling the XYZZY Eligibility list. (‘We’ here mostly meaning David Welbourn - to whom many thanks - with some assistance from yours truly.) First-round voting will open just as soon as we’ve figured out a schedule.

This is the first year we’ve been applying this particular set of standards, so there are probably some kinks to be worked out. Now is the time to get in your corrections, addenda and roars of outrage. The list is here.

Would it make sense to alphabetize the Russian game per its transliteration instead of at the end? That would be “Pripyat”.


I suppose it’s just as well; there’s no way “Epic RPG Part 1:Coolio Quest” could have lived up to my dreams of it.

I am highly excited about the next update of the IF Name Generator, for sure.