XYZZY 2018 Nominations Discussion

4 days!? PSA: deadline for first round voting ends in roughly 4 days!

You can share your thoughts on nominations here if you want. If you have strong feelings about an entry, especially for best puzzle/best npc/best pc, maybe let people know. Or just anything you think deserves a shoutout, especially if you think it’s a longshot. Add them to mathbrush’s IFDB polls (They def. helped refresh me memory)

Below’s my prelim pass ballot. Some are just first thing I thought of, this isn’t final at all, etc. It’ll look different in the end.

Best Game:
Writers are not Strangers
What Isn’t Saved (will be lost)

Best Writing:
What Isn’t Saved (will be lost)
Human Errors

Best Story:
The Master of the Land
What Isn’t Saved (will be lost)

Best Setting:
The Master of the Land
Zeppelin Adventure
Six Silver Bullets
Border Reivers

Best Puzzles:
The Temple of Shorgil
Zeppelin Adventure

Best NPCS:
Alias the Magpie

Best Indiv Puzzle:
Figuring out the zoo wand - Zeppelin Adventure
Animal figurines - Temple of Shorgil

Best Indiv NPC:
Zoe - What isn’t Saved

Best PC:
Magpie - Alias the Magpie

Best Implementation:
Alias the Magpie

Best Use of Innovation
Cragne Manor?

Best Tech Dev:

Best Use of Multimedia:
Master of the Land?

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