XYZZY 2012 Results

This year’s winners:

Best Game: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Writing: howling dogs (Porpentine)
Best Story: howling dogs (Porpentine)
Best Setting: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Puzzles: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best NPCs: Guilded Youth (Jim Munroe)
Best Individual Puzzle: Surviving the fall in Bigger Than You Think (Andrew Plotkin)
Best Individual NPC: New Rat City in rat chaos (J. Chastain)
Best Individual PC: Alexandra in Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Implementation: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Use of Innovation: First Draft of the Revolution (Emily Short (author), Liza Daly (co-coder), and Inkle Studios (co-coder))
Best Technological Development: Vorple for Inform 7
Best Supplemental Materials: Feelies for Muggle Studies

Congratulations to all the winners, and now I am going to go and sleep for three days.

ETA: ceremony transcript.

Congrats everyone!

Yeah, good job, everyone! [emote]:D[/emote]

It was lots of fun–the award presentation was quite enjoyable. I imagine a transcript will be up shortly. Thanks to everyone who did stuff for this.

Congratulations everyone.

The ceremony was pretty funny all round and there was a great turn out.

The transcript of the ceremony is now up here.

Woo, awesome, thanks!

It was also cool to read stuff from previous years. This was my first awards. A lot went into the presentation, clearly.

Having lots of people there made it fun. Anyone who wasn’t, and wanted to, hope you drop by next year.

Or sooner, so you know the way to the auditorium beforehand.

I’d’ve been lost without the ifmud map, myself.

Congratulations, everyone!

Wow, formatting that transcript for easy browsing on the web must have been a titanic chore.

I bet it’s a script. [emote]:)[/emote]

Naturally. (Lucian Smith’s, not mine.)

I’d like to apologize for missing the ceremony. I spent the entire day watching Doctor Who and completely forgot about it. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Zarf beat me to the Best Individual Puzzle prize! I read the transcript of his announcement and it was very amusing. [emote];)[/emote]

I have a friend, now vegan, who once ate brain tacos. I would like to dedicate the event of me and Andrew S not getting this award to him…

Sorry I couldn’t make it, but I’m pleased that maga did a decent job of playing the part of me, complete with self-heckling and everything. [emote]:D[/emote]

When maga wrote the name “Deirdra” during the ceremony, it was suddenly revealed to me that it’s an anagram of “Derrida”.

Thank you for the hint, now I understand the success of howling dogs…

“Pope intern”?

Somehow, I never expected Porpentine to be the pope, but in retrospect it makes a lot of sense.

Teen pi porn. Everybody loves teen pi porn.