xkcd "click and drag"

Has anybody seen this yet?


It reminded me a bit of “meanwhile,” although I haven’t seen meanwhile in person.

For the cheaters out there: xkcd-map.rent-a-geek.de/

I went through that hoping that Randall knew about AK Dewdney such that he’d put Yendred in there somewhere.

That’s the guy that used to write the math games column in Scientific American, isn’t it? What’s Yendred?

That’s the one. Yendred is the main character in an illustrated story Dewdney wrote about a two-dimensional universe. The book is called “The Planiverse”. That universe is much more complex than “Flatland”, chiefly because of the introduction of gravity and other physical laws and phenomena. The planet Yendred lives on is a circle and the people live on the rim. One direction is east, the other west. If an eastbound person meets a westbound person, someone must literally walk over the other. Biology, buildings, and machinery are considerably different there too.

I didn’t know about this site and am having a blast reading through past comics.


Is it just me, or is the final strip just begging to be made into an IF?

I think I prefer the goatkcd version of most strips.


(Despite the URL, that is still probably not safe for work.)