XBox 360 development with XNA Game Studio?

Anybody ever given thought – even fleetingly – to XBox 360 game development? The XNA Game Studio has a very low entry barrier compared to alternatives for other consoles. It’s built on the .NET 3.5 framework and basically you code in C#. That’s pretty much what I already do, day after day – the C# development, I mean.

But I’m no artist. And only a hobbyist musician, almost twenty years out of practice.

I wonder how a collaborative effort might turn out? Maybe something based on interactive fiction, such as a graphic adventure re-imagining of an existing game? Or maybe Frotz (with bells and whistles) for running existing games (although you’d probably need to hook up a keyboard or chat pad, and then it becomes kind of a clunkier way to experience text-based IF). A few years ago I was collaborating with a group that was going to create a graphical version of Distress (fell through, I guess), and something like that might still be interesting.

It’d have to be commercial project – even something like Frotz – since the XBox Live store prohibits both free games and “demos” that exist solely to give away a full game for free. Personally, that’s a plus for me. I’m open to ideas that might actually make money and be useful as a stepping stone out of business software development and into video game development. Anyway, just brainstorming (and thinking wishfully) at the moment.

I’d be interested in helping out. I’ve been trying to get into XNA development for some time now. However, I’m a writer, musician, designer and poet. I don’t do graphics and I’m still a bit iffy on the programming.

I also can’t do game music. I play guitar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it’s much more primitive than I what have in mind, there is at least one text-based IF-like game (it’s basically a CYOA) on the Indie Games marketplace.

It’s called “Molly the Were-Zompire.” … 2585503ab/

(edit) Oh, and another, apparently by the same author. It’s called “Epiphany in Spaaace!” … 25855033d/