Wunderverse - Update to iOS and new macOS version

Hi folks,

Wunderverse was updated on the iPad, got an iphone version and a new macOS version.
Emily reviewed it back in 2015 https://emshort.blog/2015/11/26/wunderverse/.
Looks like that two of her main concerns (desktop composition app and wider distribution possibilities) seem to be fixed in the update.



Ooh, there’s an OSX desktop version now? Intriguing!

If we purchased Wunderverse on the iPad before, does that unlock the “pro” tools and carry over to desktop?

[quote="If we purchased Wunderverse on the iPad before, does that unlock the “pro” tools and carry over to desktop?[/quote]
I don’t think so. The macOS version is a subscription model. $9.99/year (which I think is a fair price)


I wouldn’t quibble about paying a subscription if the desktop version has the ability to export a standalone playable game for Mac and PC desktop users as well as mobile. I haven’t looked in at the new version specifically yet, but I’m suspecting it’s aimed at mobile creation. I’m not keen to pay to create games that the end user must also pay to play on a closed system, but I can understand the business model.

I liked Wunderverse a lot, but creation on a touchpad (typing text specifically) was a bit tedious.

I downloaded the MacOS version of Wunderverse and the documentation iBook. Wunderverse is in many ways exactly what I’d want in a choice engine - it includes inventory, characters, conversation, a world-model, special effects, abilities, skills, a monetary system, achievements…

I haven’t tried it yet, though the desktop version seems a lot nicer to work with.

In the book, however, there were some authoring components that are listed as “Pro”. “Variables” is a pro feature. While I certainly understand the business model, it seems a bit odd to charge people to create content which I’d guess contains the possibility of further monetization. $10/year is certainly fair but it seems weirdly backward.

I understand that a player needs to install the Wunderverse engine on their computer or device, that’s fine. As an author, I’d hope there would be a way to immediately launch a specific story in Wunderverse without navigating the “worlds” interface. I understand that it’s a platform hub sort of like iTunes, but this sort of limitation makes it feel like the author is working for WV…but if I’m paying for the privilege to use it I should at least be able to send a player directly to my story somehow (perhaps via an url or a shortcut of some kind with an option to download the engine) without the player need to then search for my specific story among the others.

These are just first impressions. Perhaps I’m a little set in my ways. I’m going to play with it more when I have time because it does look like an exciting way to make an adventure.