Written Realms Update (online browser MUD creation)

Written Realms Spring Newsletter

New world building features - doors & keys, room actions, crafters. New content.

We’ve been focusing on developing our flagship multiplayer world, Edeus, formerly known as The Unbroken World. The features we’ve implemented over the last couple of months are mostly those we found ourselves needing along the way. And although there is plenty more to build, we’re excited to share the newly available tools. Here’s what’s new this quarter, starting with new content.

Doors and Keys

A long overdue world building feature, it is now possible to add doors in between rooms, which can be open, closed or locked.

Room Actions

Room Actions are custom commands that can be defined per-room by a builder. They can be configured to show an action in the UI as well, and to only be available if certain conditions are met by the player.


By enabling the ‘is_crafter’ flag on a mob, players can use the ‘craft’ command in their room to purchase an item for a specified equipment slot, with stats randomized based on their archetype.

Next Up: PvP

What we’re working on next is Player vs Player, and by the time the next newsletter rolls around, we should have a lot of exciting features in place.

More at: https://blog.writtenrealms.com/newsletter/2020-spring


Great stuff. Have been enjoying myself on a few worlds :). I came to it completely independently. Nice to find people running it on this community.