Written Inventory extension bug

[code]Include Written Inventory by Jon Ingold.

Dull Example Room is a room.
The player carries a box. The box is an closed openable container.
In the box is a plantpot. It is an open container.
In the plantpot is a capuchin monkey.[/code]Leads to:

Has anyone had and fixed this problem before? Is it by any chance really simple to solve?

(crosses fingers)

Could you try the following: find the two lines in the extension which read

let item be a random unmentioned non-empty thing encased by something mentioned;

and change them into

let item be a random visible unmentioned non-empty thing encased by something mentioned;

and tell me if that works? It’s definitely a bug in the extension that it doesn’t check for closed containers in the right place, but I think this should solve it. (If it does, a cleaner way to do the same thing without changing the extension is to replace the entire “deliver second-level inventory list rule” with the new version using a “the X rule is listed instead of the Y rule in the Z rules”-syntax. And mail Jon Ingold about it, if he still maintains the extension.)

Not relevant for your case, but there is another bug in the extension: it won’t show the contents of closed transparent containers. A rule should be added:

Rule for inventory listing the contents of a closed transparent container (called the item): say ". In [the item] [is-are a list of things in the item][run paragraph on]" instead;

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been tablet-bound for a few days. The fix works perfectly, and I’ve dropped Jon an email. Many thanks for the help!