Written documentation on forum software?

Is there any written documentation on using the forum software?

I find the interactive teaching bot particularly frustrating, since I can’t seem to get it to discuss topics I want to learn about.

(For example, what is a “Trust Level”?)


The stuff I’ve found all seems to be blog and forum posts (or developer documentation). I haven’t turned up a central documentation site. And most of this stuff is apparently configurable, so…

I do know that there is a blog post talking about the trust levels: you start out with limited permissions (no private messages, limited links per post, etc), and gain more as you’ve been around and done more stuff.

@JoshGrams Thanks for the pointer to the blog post!

ETA, unfortunately although the Blog post says that the trust level is shown on the “dashboard”, I don’t see it there. Of course, that’s assuming the page I’m looking at actually is what Discord considers to be the dashboard. sigh

It’d be nice if the IF Forum explicitly had a pointer to the “Dashboard” and included the word “Dashboard” in the header of the appropriate page. There seem to me to be several pages in my user’s profile which could be considered to be one, although the “Summary” page seems most likely.

Found it! It is on the Summary page, but it’s visible only if the “Expand” option is selected at the upper right.


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@HanonO Thanks!

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