Writing with Inform Audiobook

In February, I received a grant from IFTF to record an audiobook version of the first three chapters of Writing with Inform. Now it’s finished!

The initial impetus for this project was my coming to understand that Inform authors listening to the documentation via screen reading software are missing out on various subtleties of punctuation and so on that are vital for well-formed Inform code. I’ve endeavored to read every quotation mark and square bracket out loud for the benefit of those authors.

But I hope this can be a useful resource (or at least a fun thing to listen to) for all sorts of people. The wit and warmth of Writing with Inform are what got me excited about making text adventures back in 2011, and I’ve tried to do the book justice in my performance. You might enjoy listening to it during your commute, or while taking a walk around the reservoir.

It was a lot of work putting this together, but it was also a lot of fun, and I’m very happy with the result. Thank you IFTF for this opportunity!