Writing Prompts! 100% Free!

Writing prompts are good because, even if you don’t start with the exact prompt, many will get your imagination going regardless.
Most of these are stolen from Pinterest. Feel free to use or add to this list!

[b]1 - Your barista serves your coffee with a smile. When you check the name on the cup, it reads “help me”.

2 - You sold your soul to the Devil some years ago. Today, he gives it back and says, “I need a favor.”

3 - A little girl is terrified of the monster under her bed, but what she doesn’t know is that the monster under her bed protects her from the true monsters - her parents.

4 - “And why do we have to bring a twelve-year-old to a crime scene?”
The boy smiled faintly and replied, “Dectective, I am here for your protection.”

5 - The story is about Sherlock Holmes but he’s a gerbil. Just him, though. All others are still people. They have to carry him around and stuff.

6 - One day, you wake up as a human lie detector who is accurately able to tell when someone is lying. Your ability tells you that everything your best friend says, including their name, is a lie.

7 - You tossed your rent bill across the room in frustration and it went under your bed. A minute later, a grotesque claw pushes the bill back out with a wad of cash.

8 - In a world where everyone can read minds, you are the only person who cannot, but your mind cannot be read either.

9 - You find your own suicide note. It is unmistakably your handwriting. It is stained with blood and it is dated three days ago.

10 - A van stops in front of you and everyone inside looks exactly like you. One of them tosses you a gun and says, “No time to explain! Get in the van!”

11 - You’re the last grandchild to talk privately with you 120 year old grandmother on her death bed. “Do you want the good news or the bad nes?” She asks, knowing she will only have enough time to explain one secret or the other.

12 - You find an app for your phone that, when you type in the name of a person, it reveals a single secret they hide. To your surprise, when you type in your own name, there is a secret that even you didn’t know.

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I have questions about the physics of number 7. When I toss a bill in frustration it flutters around and doesn’t get very far. Did you not take it out of the envelope? WORLDBUILDING!

I was wondering what the thing under the bed does for his income.

I find unpaid bills sail further when you fold them and hold it kind of flat and just drop it so it catches air like a paper airplane. I’d make the floor wood so when it hits it can continue to skim under the bed.