Writers needed!

Hey guys!

I have a website where I upload my CYOA games. I have around 8 so far. I focus on the narrative and character creation. I would love to have some fellow writers to bounce ideas with. Or maybe someone would be interested, in having their stories on the site. The site is called www.intudia.com
Hope to hear from you!

Best regards Nicolai

Nice site in general. There was a bit of clipping on the image for the “coming soon” game and I was a bit confused by the categories (I had scrolled down so I could see the categories, but not the stories under it, so when I clicked on a category nothing seemed to happen. Maybe trigger a scroll when you click on categories?).

With respect to the stories, I only played through a couple. Are they built on your own game engine, or an established one? If the former, I would suggest considering adopting an existing narrative engine - it will make it much easier for yourself in future (also - always better not to reinvent the wheel). I’m a fan of Ink myself, but any story scripting engine with good tool support is helpful. Also, it would make it easier for others to contribute if you can offer them a toolset they may already be familiar with.

From a gameplay perspective, I felt the limitation to 2 choices only quite constricting (at least in the couple I tried). Unless the choice open to the player really is binary yes/no, I’d recommend expanding the stories to provide a greater sense of agency. I’d also try to limit the amount of text per section into what will fit into a text box, but that’s more a personal preference.

Good luck with this.

Hi Micax
Thank you for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated. The categories should be fixed now.
Yes, it is our own engine, neither I nor my partner are programmers so we are struggling a bit. Our goal is to acquire money so we among other things can hire a programmer to create an engine and keep it up to date. We could go with one that is already established but we want to create something new, which indeed seems very daunting!
We have incorporated more choices as I have become better at branching stories so fx The Addicott Manor sometimes has four choices. We are working at more text between choices as we are working on making the stories into audio versions. That way you can play IF while on the move:-)

Thank you for your time!