Here’s a new game I wrote called “Wrenlaw”: ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=z1owjprlmrms8f8s

It’s a pretty tiny little thing; the source is ~11k words. I would describe it as a “geocaching simulator”.

Online play is set up here: rcveeder.net/if/wrenlaw/play.html

And if you’re into viewing the source (bad idea), it’s also at Playfic: playfic.com/games/Afterward/wrenlaw

Cool I have saved the URLs and will check it out hopefully within the week.

Nice! I probably check it out sometime!

Nice one! I really liked it. Sweet, short, managing to get the “don’t know wtf it’s all about” troope to something actually intriguing even for slice of life stuff. Clever and nicely crafted negative responses which don’t disencourage the player to keep on moving… hey! that’s more critical to atract new audiences than extense tutorials or complex hint systems, imho :slight_smile:

I had my very own awkard “lost in translation” issue. Not beeing quite the English-fluent I… didn’t know what exactly a stool was. In the context of a camping tent I guessed it was sort of a sleeping bag… so I didn’t even consider sitting on it. As I had been repeatedly told that messing with the stuff inside the tent was gross, trying to lay, rest, or sleep in it was totally out of the question. After an hour of exploring the map examining everything again and again in search of something I could have missed, I decided to do the gross-thing and try to get into the stool… which, of course, worked!.. and then I googled to see what a stool is and…… now I know it does make sense! :laughing:

Hey thanks very much!

Very glad you got the ‘seat without back or arms’ definition and not ‘piece of feces’.