Would anyone be interested in beta-testing a parser game?

This is pretty last minute, since the game needs to be submitted in about four days and I just finished it today… but I’m not looking for really in-depth testing (at the moment). More just whether the game can be played in the most obvious way without breaking, and if there are any spots that are way too confusing and need more direction.

It’s not very long. I’d say it should take less than an hour to play. And the structure is straightforward for the most part. Point A to Point B to Point C. The story is pretty weird though. Oh yeah, and it’s a .gblorb.

If anyone wants to swap games to beta-test, I’m up for that too! Just send me a PM. Thanks!

I don’t trust you. I’ve played Hard Puzzle.


Hey now, just because McT might… misrepresent a game’s length here or there doesn’t mean that I’d do the same thing. This really shouldn’t take too much time unless a player gets stuck, which isn’t supposed to happen.


Sorry, but from a distance you guys looked really similar.

I mean, you’re both thousand of miles away from Portugal, I’m sure, and you’re just tiny dots. It’s so easy to get you two confused!