Would anybody be interested in another *Cragne Manor* type game?

Had an idea about creating a connected universe of planets with a shared set of politics/rules and each author would build their own planet (limited of course in the way text adventure planets and countries might only be several locations!) with a goal/narrative that involves learning and working with/around each planet’s specific imaginary culture and local variations of customs and rules.

The authors could share their own laws and rulesets during creation and hopefully certain puzzles and quests would present themselves.

(As a lame example, one planet might declare the color yellow is forbidden, so the player has to hide their corn, gold coins, and sunflowers they have in their inventory as contraband when visiting…)


Well played.


That’s all I can think of when I read that.

It looks like there’s quite a few people who would want to take part! But not too many, which is safe…

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I would be interested!


It depends on the authoring tool. Cragne Manor was written with Inform 7. Others in this discussion use Inform 6, TADS, Twine, ZIL and probably others.

I also find it ironic that the suggestion was raised by a minor (no offence @SomeOne2) given that Cragne Manor starts with this warning:

"Please be warned that this game contains:

cosmic horror, body horror, psychological horror, gore, violence, murder, death, self-harm, suicide, mutilation, decapitation, racism, spiders, snakes, rats, aggressive birds, deceased animals, insects, incest, nonexplicit references to uncomfortable sexual situations involving minors, abusive relationships, domestic violence, pregnancy loss, ghosts, mental illness, homelessness, alcoholism, oppressive religious organizations, bullying, kidnapping, hostile vegetation, fungal overgrowth, creepy dolls, creepy children, references to human/anthropomorphic animal sex, eyeball contact, scatological references, strong language, virgin sacrifice, demon summoning, demon possession, blood, skeletons, viscera, infectious disease…

…and possibly several other types of disturbing content we forgot to include."

They’re big shoes to fill.


Hmm. It’s true.

Although, I must say, I only found one scene (the Music Room) that felt not age-appropriate.

(Although I did use a walkthrough mostly, so… I might have missed many of these…)


I’d probably use Inform 7 because it’s so well-known and easy to fit multiple different users creating games separately.


Dumb question for anyone who wants to answer it.

Given that Inform 7 compiles to Inform 6, in principle, could you write a room in Inform 6 and just insert the code into an otherwise Inform 7 game?


In principle, yes, in practice, it’ll be logistically complicated.

For example, I7 doesn’t call I6 before and after routines, since it has a different way of doing object-specific action processing, and that different way isn’t accessible from pure I6.


So, it’d take someone versed in both Inform 6 and 7 to pull it off.


Yeah. Certain things would have to be done in I7, and once you’re doing that, it’s a lot easier just to do it all in I7 than to use a mix of both.


A collab game? Well count me in if this really takes off :smiley: . As for Inform6 / Inform7. even in my own game I sometimes have to drop down from Inform7 to Inform6 to get things done…


Garry, the sensivities differs across the Atlantic, broadly summed as “on the new side,nudity and sex, on the old, violence and blood”, so perhaps the most complete and terse universal disclaimer can be something along the lines of: “this story contains diverse depictions of sex and violence” ? :wink: :smiley:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Just thinking aloud here, but do you think it would be feasible to have multiple games produced with multiple authoring systems? The premise or theme for each authoring system would be the same. The number of authors would be limited to (say) 10 or 12. Each authoring system would need a “champion” to promote and drum up interest in their authoring system and do the final integration of all the contributions. Inform 7 has plenty of authors. There are probably enough authors to support ADRIFT, Adventuron, PunyInform and TADS. Dialog, ZIL and some of the others are probably borderline.

As soon as I click Reply, I think I’m going to regret suggesting this, as it is a logistics nightmare.


Imagine having one game with rooms/regions implemented in different authoring systems by different authors…


Actually, I came this close to mentioning this—a unifying setting or a world where each other places their game. I and others have brought up this idea before, a kind of nod toward the old Sanctuary fantasy books where different authors would set their story in the same city:

I could even see a mini-game that allows the player to explore the Main St. of this unifying world, and when they click on a link, it takes them to the individual game.