Worldsmith available for free!

Hi all,

Thanks to all in the community who purchased Worldsmith - your belief and support was very much appreciated. So, we got a quite good uptake, but we’ve decided to reduce the price to a ‘pay what you think its worth’ to try and get a bit more traction. You can download the full game here:



Awesome! I was thinking about buying it anyway, so I’d like to contribute a few dollars. I’d prefer to pay with paypal, but I don’t see that option on the page, only “pay with card”. Any way to use paypal?

That’s a good question! I don’t think so, not on Itchio. Hey, I’m happy for it just to be played! Hope you enjoy.


I want to play the game on my iPad. How can I get at the .gblorb or .ulx file, so I can add them to iFrotz?

I decoded the gblorb to play on Android with Thunderword. It has integrated graphics that go outside the normal Glulx Glk system - so it’s really designed to be web browser (you can play offline with Safari on your iPad, can’t you - just load the HTML file?).

I like the brief into to Interactive Fiction that’s included with this story - I made a new post about it - - I’d like to get a public domain licensed one we can all share.