Worldsmith and voting issues?

The XYZZY votes are checked thoroughly. It’s pretty easy to detect and deal with ballot-stuffing (or non-malicious vote-flooding, which happens a lot more often).

A certain amount of drive-by voting for the XYZZYs gets intercepted every year - I don’t generally publicize it, because most of the time the game’s author hasn’t really done anything wrong, other than having fans, and I’d rather not make public accusations of wrongdoing unless I see clear evidence of malicious intent. I don’t see any reason to expect anything different here.

That was me! Sorry! I don’t read instructions carefully or very well.


That makes sense about the polls; and you be reviewed other things as well. I guess the driveby votes could be explained if the page had a ‘rate us on ifdb!’ when you beat the game or something. I think it’s a 5-star game, but it just seems odd to have these one-shot reviewers.

I am going to lock this thread so it does not become the default “XYZZY rule discussion” thread.

Nobody did anything wrong and this is good information, but there should probably be a neutral XYZZY discussion thread that doesn’t make allegations about a specific game in the initial post.