Working with a title page

I’m using Jon Ingold’s title page and would like to know how I could make something happen when the player hits play. Specifically I’m trying to add a gender selection what should I do?

You have the gender selection happen after the title page. See “Example 288 - Baritone, Bass” and “Exercise 441 - Pink or Blue” in the documentation for examples of this. However, if you wanted to have the player make the selection in the title page screen then try this.


Include Title Page by Jon Ingold.

The first when play begins rule (this is the new title screen rule):
while 1 is 1 begin;
clear the screen;
redraw status line;
centre “[story title]”, bold;
centre " by [story author]";
say paragraph break;
display art if appropriate;
say line break;
say fixed letter spacing;
centre “[quotation]”, italic;
say roman type;
say paragraph break;
say fixed letter spacing;
say " Start the story - with a male gender : M[line break]";
say " - with a female gender : F[line break]";
say " - from a saved position : R[line break]";
say " Quit : Q[line break]";
say variable letter spacing;
let k be 0;
while k is 0 begin;
let k be the chosen letter;
end while;
if k is 81 or k is 113 begin;
stop game abruptly;
otherwise if k is 77 or k is 109;
now the player is male;
clear the screen;
make no decision;
otherwise if k is 70 or k is 102;
now the player is female;
clear the screen;
make no decision;
otherwise if k is 82 or k is 114;
follow the restore the game rule;
end if;
end while.

The new title screen rule is listed instead of the title screen rule in the when play begins rulebook.

The Testing Room is A Room. The description of the player is “Your gender is [if the player is male]male[otherwise if the player is female]female[otherwise]neuter[end if].”.[/code]

The will allow the player to select a gender at the title screen. You can see this by selecting a gender and then typing “x self”.

Hope this helps.