Working on several computers

Hi all

I regularly work on three or so computers and I’d like to squeeze in some Twine tinkering when I have spare time.

Are there any ways to enable working across several PCs? It will just be me, so I’m only after a one-at-a-time type of approach.

Could I have Twinery save it’s Story files on a different drive? That way I could have it save to my google drive folder.

Any other ideas?


I just archived into a dropbox shared folder. I’ll follow this thread to see if there’s a better way.


There’s no way to change Twine’s default save location, so you’ll need to publish the file somewhere, and then import it from there when you want to work on it somewhere else.

You can also use the archive button if you want to copy all of the stories you have in Twine.

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Thanks all

Out of interest where does twine store its project files?

It may well be possible to map that folder back to a Google drive folder via junction points in powershell. Will have a play.

Have to say that twine could do with some kind of backup option, perhaps backup-on-close or something.

where does twine store its project files

That depends on which release of the Twine 2.x application you are using, and which Operating System you are using it on.

  1. Using one of the Web-browser based releases (Hosted or Downloaded and run locally)

These releases store your project’s meta data within the web-browser’s own Local Storage cache, and where that cache is physically stored on your local hard-drive depends of on the brand of web-browser you are using.

  1. Using one of the Desktop (installable) releases.

The folder (on you local hard-drive) that this release uses depends on the Operating System you are using. You can use the application’s Twine > Show Library menu item to determine which folder is being used, this folder is generally within the area that your OS allocates to the storage of “User” related files.

It is possible to use “directory based” symbolic link to replace the above mentioned folder with one that references a different location on your local hard-drive. You could then use this different location as a target of a file sharing application like the one you mentioned.

twine could do with some kind of backup option

More recent versions of the Desktop release do include functionality that automatically creates “backups” of the project(s) you are working on.

That depends on which version of Twine you’re using and what OS you’re using it on.

The offline version of Twine v2 on Windows uses “C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\Twine\Stories”.

It already automatically saves your work as you make changes, gives you an “Archive” button to back things up whenever you want, and I don’t know of any software that automatically makes a second backup like what it sounds like you’re asking for, so I don’t think that’s particularly likely or necessary.

If you have any kind of external files, you’ll want to back them up as well, so it’s better done yourself.