Workbench auto scripts oddity---or buried landmine?

When working with the Workbench’s auto-generated scripts, I have noticed that sometimes they end with an and sometimes (usually after I’ve done some editing), they don’t.

And on rare occasions, running a script crashes the Workbench and I have to restart it. None of my code seems harmed by the crash, all files seem to emerge intact, except that I’ve observed on some rare occasions some truncation of some of the auto scripts after a post-crash restart of the Workbench. That is, a script that proceeded to location Y in the game before the crash now only goes to location F or J or Q, but not all the way to X.

I’m wondering now if the missing could be causing sleeper-type problems that eventually wake up and crash the process.

Since scripts appear to be text files, and I can edit them in the Workbench, maybe I should just get in the habit of adding an whenever I see it’s missing, but that’s a bit of busy work if the mssing doesn’t cause any harm.

I have also used the adv3lite scripting feature, which runs test scripts of my own making, and those seem to work fine, but the auto scripts are also convenient to use because they are generated automagically without my having to work the keyboard.

Anyone have any insights as to how those scripts work?