WordPlay London open for submissions

WordPlay London organisers are looking for submissions for the event at The British Library on 19th November.

handeyesociety.com/official-busi … h-library/

Info from the site…

“If you would like to submit or suggest a writerly game — a game with exceptional writing or one that uses writing in an integral way — please do so via the form below before midnight on September 28th. You can submit your own game, or a game you feel strongly about. No submission fee, Toronto and international games welcome.”

Oh, great! I was coming to post about this very thing, but you beat me to it! Thanks.

There was only about 50 submissions last time I checked, and we accept about 25 in the end, so the odds are better than your IGF or Indiecade!

We deliberately planned for the deadline to be the same as the IFComp deadline (Sept 28th) so why not submit to both? Worse things than having your IF showcased under the same roof as the manuscript copy of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, the Beowulf manuscript, Captain Cook’s journal, a couple of Gutenberg Bibles and two copies of the Magna Carta.

Jump straight to the link here!
docs.google.com/forms/d/12CATnc … o/viewform