Wolfsmoon by Marco Innocenti // Lectrote bundle available

Hello everybody!

My latest game is finally online!
You can find downloadable bundles at my games’ website (http://www.andromedalegacy.com/#wolfsmoon) and the newly added page @ ifdb (https://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=npxjxi6n9oak7zo7).


• It’s a horror game: graphic content may appear.
• The game is up to now only available in Lectrote bundles (for all systems – thanks to the incredible work by zarf!); web version to follow (as soon as I have time!)
• The game is not intended as a step further in game development but, instead, as a throwback to ancient times… with a twist!
• The game uses the full capabilities of Inform and has been thoroughly tested by a lot of awesome people (list in-game); this said, it is a text-adventure with graphics. Yeah, THAT kind of text-adventure, with added polite difficulty rating and 16bit graphics (as though with a 15 color palette!).

I’d like to hear from you: if you like this kind of thing, what works and what doesn’t, so that I may wish to do more – this time for real.

Yours truly,

Ps: There’s no walkthrough.


ETA: the links don’t seem to work on Safari (me rushing things, as usual!). Just right-click on the version you like and “download linked file” or whatever.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Trying this out right now, and it’s fun. I hope other people try it out so we can help each other!

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Hey Marco, don’t forget to upload the game at ifarchive and itchio.

It wouldn’t be the first project I’ve seen lost to a broken personal website.

Also, I had to download the game using “right mouse - Save link as…” because left clicking the download buttons didn’t work, just keep loading the website forever.

Good luck!

I love it when a game starts with a corpse in the room.


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Yeah, thanks. I know about the right click. Hope it has been corrected now (I’m afk and need one of my employees to do it :slight_smile: ).

As for storing the game I’m putting it in the ifarchive ASAP, as soon as I start working less than 18hrs a day.