Wizard-99 A text-based adventure/RPG


I’m making Wizard-99, a HTML text based game. It’s an adventure where you are a traveling wizard who roams the world. It has also some minigames, and some surprises that I think are nice.
It is by no means finished, but there are a few zones you can explore (and I have added a few more today), and all of the mechanics are implemented, so you could try it out, here: http://selenitehermit.com/wizard99/.
Here is a screenshot (ant-sized, due to size limit):

If you feel like leaving some feedback/comments, please do, in these forums or in my tumblr.

I hope you have fun!

Hey, i like the cool retro look. A while back i found a stack of old fonts converted to modern format here.


Anyone know of any others?

The other idea is that there has been some fantastic developments on CRT shaders (eg emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/CRT_Shaders). I’ve been thinking about using one for a real retro adventure look.

I also like the look of the old orange gas plasma displays, for example like the Toshiba T3200 laptop. Not sure if anyone’s made a shader for that.

Cool stuff.

Thanks! Regarding old fonts, I knew about GlassTTY VT220 (sensi.org/~svo/glasstty/), which for what I have read, was made with great care. But for a browser game I decided to stick to a Google font. About the shaders, I’ve been looking around and they can be done with css, so I’ll chck them. And for your idea, there are some games that use them (I would still add an option to turn them off).