Winners of the review contest--announcement

The following are the results of the review contest:

Lynnea Glasser - 8.22
Jack Welch - 7.67
Sam Kabo Ashwell - 6.56
Christopher Huang - 6.33
Aziraphale - 6.22
Fumiko666 - 5.0

It was a fairly tight contest; everyone received scores as low as 4 and as high as 7. The three scores in the 6 range could have been changed by a single vote.

Thanks for everyone who participated for all the reviewers! Winners will be contacted in order to determine which prize they will select.

Every day, I tried to read all the reviews that came out. Thanks to everyone for sharing them! IFComp wouldn’t be the same without the reviewers.

Not to diminish any of the others, or the other dozens of reviewers who maybe just go to review two or three games, but I’m happy that Lynnea gets the prize. Not only did she review all of them, she also takes the time and effort of streaming the whole thing, which is both invaluable feedback for an author and extremely thoughtful of her. Royally deserved, imo.

Thanks to all the reviewers! I appreciated all the effort and enjoyed seeing how y’all responded to my entry and the others.

I came into the world of IF from the world of novel writing and the glorious generosity of reviewers in the IF field is still shiny new and sparkling to me. You are all heroes, making the world a better place.