Windows Inform 7 6L02 updated

I’ve pushed out a new installer for Windows Inform 7 6L02 to (and The only change is that the preferences dialog in the front-end now has an option, “Generate Inform 6 debugging information”, that defaults to off. With this off, Inform 6 is not run with the “-k” flag, which will hopefully help those who are finding Inform 6 runs slows due to the size of the debugging output file.

In time, more work will be done to look at whether the performance of the compilers on Windows can be improved, but hopefully this will help for now.

Thank you David!

It seems that the Mac version has some kind of priviledged access to the site of the “Public Library”. I can’t find the feature in the Windows version. Is it planned soon?

Thank you again for your great work!

Wow it’s like night and day…much, much faster!


It is being worked on, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s done.

Yep, it is definitely running loads faster.

A new version of the installer for Windows Inform 7 6L02 is now available from (and This brings several improvements, most notably an implementation of the “Extensions” tab (and, therefore, access to the Public Library). There is still more work to be done to catch up with the Mac front-end, but we’re getting there.

Thanks for the time and effort you’re putting in to it, it is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanx David!

Well done David. Seems to be working fine. The “Extensions” tab is an extremely useful addition.