Windows Glulxe and Windows Git updates

After updating some other Windows ports of interpreters, I’ve also spent a bit of time updating Windows Glk, and the builds of Glulxe and Git that use Windows Glk.

The changes in detail are:

  • Support for high DPI and changing DPI with Windows 10: if the DPI is changed (from the Display settings app, or by moving the window from one monitor to another with a different DPI) then the interpreter rescales itself appropriately.
  • The toolbar images have been redrawn for a more modern look.
  • How fonts are chosen has been tidied up: all the font choice settings have been moved to the options dialog.
  • Added a Russian translation of the UI by Nikita Tseykovets.

You can get Windows Glulxe from, and Windows Git from


Very nice.

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What’s with the version numbering? This Windows Glulxe update bumped up the version from to Both are displayed on IFArchive as 0.5.4

That build number just indicates that it is Glulxe 0.5.4 built against Windows Glk 1.50.