Windows Frotz interpreter a security risk?

I was just trying to download an interpreter for a .z8 file and I tried the Windows Frotz interpreter recommended at the Inform 7 web site:

However, the Frotz interpreter won’t install on my computer because my anti-virus software (Norton) is saying it’s a security risk due to a poor reputation. Also, the Gluxe/Git download link is dead and I can’t seem to find a comparable link by going to the IF Archive itself.

So does anyone have any recommendations for running a .z8 game? I don’t even know which version of Inform a .z8 file pertains to, so I don’t know how old an interpreter can be and still be useful.

Any information would be appreciated!

I’d recommend Gargoyle. It’s basically a wrapper over a bunch of different interpreters, so it can deal with almost any type of IF file you throw at it. (Including Z8, which is an expansion of the Z-machine form created by Infocom back in the 80s.) Glulxe and Git are for running a different type of file, don’t worry about them for the moment.

Other interpreters which can handle Z8 include Frotz (which you tried), Nitfol, Bocfel, Filfre, Aimfiz, and Rezrov. (There’s a tendency among Z-code programmers to name their tools after spells from the Enchanter Trilogy.)

Gargoyle and Filfre are nice.

Also, Norton is dead wrong about the file.

True. I can attest to having used several different versions of Frotz on several different computers and all have been safe.

Gargoyle works great, thanks! It took a bit of searching to find a Windows installation file that worked, but I found one.

I wondered about that, since I couldn’t believe that a program so frequently downloaded would be a threat. I did some research on Norton’s rating and it looks like it’s based entirely on user reports, not on any threat detected by the company itself. Not to sound pessimistic, but I think that someone might be messing with the ratings a little.

Gargoyle includes a version of Frotz, anyhow, really.

Also, the link to Windows Git just has the wrong release number. … eters/git/