Wild Speculation

These are my guesses about game placement; I’ve been updating it throughout the comp, but not recently. It includes my games, which will probably lead to big embarrassment if I’m wrong, but at least it will be entertaining. Games on the same horizontal line I anticipate placing fairly closely.

Eat Me/Wizard Sniffer/Absence of Law
Will not Let me Go/Harmonia
Guttersnipe/The Owl Consults
Domestic Elementalism
1958:Dancing With Fear/A Beauty Cold and Austere/Swigian
The wand/Transient Skies
Harbinger/Rainbow Bridge/Ultimate Escape Room-IF City/Alice Aforethought/Fake News/Tuuli

Last year I thought Fair would win and Mirror and Queen would be in the top 5, and that Detectiveland would take 5th. So this is probably all wrong.

IFDB predicts the top 10 (based on average ratings to date):

  1. Eat Me
  2. The Wizard Sniffer
  3. Absence of Law
  4. A Beauty Cold and Austere
  5. Will Not Let Me Go
  6. The Owl Consults
  7. Harmonia
  8. Domestic Elementalism
  9. Future Threads
  10. Ultimate Escape Room; IF City

Cool, I’m glad Future Threads was rated so highly. I liked it (and was a beta-tester for it), and I didn’t see it mentioned in many reviews during the contest.

And here’s a link to the complete IFComp 2017 ratings at IFDB, sorted by average score (also try changing the sorting criteria to ‘Most Ratings First’ – it currently gives a surprisingly(?) similar top 10 list).

It’s quick and easy to submit one’s own ratings to the IFDB, and I would encourage everybody who’s played at least one IFComp game this year to do so.