Wild guessing - how many IFComp Entries for 2007?

Usually, 1/3 of the “intents to enter” submit a game. I wonder how many we’ll see this year? I thought it was going to be down last year, but it wasn’t. Maybe it will this year.

I’ll predict… around 95 intents to enter, and around 31 games released.

— Mike.

I can’t remember how many I7 games were in last year’s competition, but I predict there’ll be half again as many I7 games this year. But there’ll be a corresponding decrease in the number of I6 games, so you won’t see more than 45 finished games, or fewer than 38.

I checked where Greb B. posted a follow-up to my '06 predictions, and he said 50% of the games were ZCode, and 55% of those were inform 7.

Hmm. I think George may have a point that I7 will cause an increase in games entered this year. I will guess 42 games in total: 23 in Inform (16 in I7; 7 in I6; 2 of these will be Glulx), 10 in TADS (6 in 2 and 4 in 3 [emote]Confused[/emote]), 1 in Hugo, 5 in ADRIFT, 1 web-based and 2 DOS.