Why should I even try

Ok. Just as the title suggests, what is the point of “try”.

Do i use it like this?

Instead of looking through the window during Scene1: try examining window.

  1. Also what is the point of the ‘test’ command. I’ve read about it in the manual but it still seems useless to me.
  1. Yes, that’s exactly right. “Try” lets you have the player (or another character) perform an action that’s different from the one that is directly triggered by the player’s command. (See section 7.4 of the documentation.)

  2. “Test” is used to automatically enter a string of commands when you run the game. So if you want to see what happens when you wait five turns then go west, you include the line:

Test me with "z/z/z/z/z/w".

And then if you type “test me” at the command prompt, it’ll automatically enter the command “z” five times and then “w”. This is useful for testing purposes but shouldn’t have any effect on the released game.