Why garglk/gargoyle builds restricted to MACOS

@cas , what is the point of the July 18 2021 commit to garglk jamrules that stops the use of jam for any platform except MACOS? If you are trying to build it on a linux or Windows platform are you supposed to do something else?

The build system for the repository is being switched over from jam to cmake. MacOS is lagging behind, but the branch GitHub - cspiegel/garglk at macos-cmake-dmg has jam removed from MacOS as well.

Oh piffle. I don’t know how I managed to miss that. Autopilot, I suppose.


I originally was going to merge the macos-cmake-dmg branch into master for the next release, but I got cold feet: I don’t have much experience with Mac development, and while I finally got a Mac development environment set up so I can do some smoke testing, I decided to maintain the Jam files at least for the next release. That being said, CMake is now the “official” build system on Mac (and all others), so barring any problems with it, I will remove the Jam files after the next release.

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Thanks. As I wrote to Mr. Plotkin, I somehow managed to completely miss the one file that would have explained much of that. Sigh.