Why does Inform6 make high strings for long prints?

For some reason, when printing a string that is longer than 32 characters (source text), Inform 6 generates a string constant and @print_paddr opcode instead of just doing a straight @print. This uses a lot of extra space and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason for it. It was added in Inform 6.14; I assume not without reason. Is there perhaps some unusual problem with very long instructions or routines?

It’s mentioned in the I6 tech manual.

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If I remember correctly, the zcode holding area isn’t staticly sized in the latest code on GitHub. Does that mean this workaround is no longer needed?

There’s a per-routine buffer and an all-zcode buffer. I’ve fixed up the latter but not the former.

However, this isn’t the limit that’s described in the tech manual. I’m not exactly sure what that limit is, in fact. It’s probably an offset being stored in two bytes somewhere.

For reference, this is from TM chapter 13:

Changes made between v6.13 and v6.14:

"Parker's disease": In very large games only, backpatch errors being
    caused because the Z-code area of the Z-machine had overflowed
    past the size where the compiler could backpatch it (this tended
    to happen only if large amounts of text were printed by Inform code
    rather than being property values).  The Inform code generator now
    automatically writes any string of text longer than 32 characters
    into the static strings area: designers shouldn't notice any difference
    in behaviour of the "print" or "print_ret" statements.