Why do I keep getting "double-quoted text" violations?

I check every time, and there isn’t any. It seems to have a problem with Definitions, saying “but this seems to give something a name which contains double-quoted text, which is not allowed.”

Post a small, complete program demonstrating the problem, and we’ll be able to help.

Is “double-quoted text” just Informs way of talking about “text inside quotation marks”?

Perhaps you just forgot to finish off the previous line - forgot an ; or an .

Otherwise, yeah, posting some code would help!

Yeah, double-quoted text is just text inside quotation marks–and you’re right, this can often happen when you leave out the punctuation after a line. For instance, this code:

Kitchen is a room. There is a thing called a bean "This is a bean on the floor."

will give the double-quoted text error, because Inform thinks we’re trying to name the object ‘bean “This is a bean on the floor.”’

To the original poster: The error message should tell you the entire string that it thinks is the double-quoted name. Find that in your code, and that’s where you probably need to add a period or semicolon.

Thanks, problem solved!