"Why Am I Dead At Sea" Needs Beta Testers!

Hello INTFiction! I’m here to spread the word for a project I’m working on which, after what would seem like ages, is at a point where I could use some beta-testing. Getting player feedback is always great, but what I really need is to take out all the bugs which are inevitably lying in wait.

It might make sense to start off by talking a bit about the game, right? “Why Am I Dead At Sea” is a mystery game where, as the protagonist, you are dead (hence the title). The aim is to learn about the other inhabitants of the ship you are on and possess them, using their personalities as proxies to get to the truth of your death. I’d classify it as an adventure game with some aesthetic tropes taken from RPG games.

Here’s some media to give you a sense of how the game looks and plays:
Demonstration of possession, AI, and dialogue branches (GIF)
Sunset outside the boat (PNG)
The people you get to possess (PNG)

So, if you’re feeling particularly awesome and want to help me out, please fill out the following (short!) application and email it to pmcgrath@peltastdesign.com : Beta tester application .

Of course, I know that as a tester you are providing me a valuable service, for free! Although hopefully early access to the game is some recompense in itself, beta testers will also have the following incentives:

  1. Free copy of the game when it is released, along with whatever key codes are relevant, based on how it is distributed (this is an obvious one)
  2. Recognition: All testers who contribute will be shown in the credits (also pretty obvious). Those who contribute substantially more will get extra recognition.
  3. I would also like to have monthly best-bug-find competitions, the reward for which is flexible. Nothing too crazy, but just as an extra thank you!

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance to any that take up the offer!

I’ll try and help! I’m writing the email now.

What is the estimated play time to completion?