Who painted the Zork cover?

Does anyone know who painted the iconic “Zork” cover art, the one with the letters made of stone blocks and the door in the O?
After turning Mobygames upside down and shaking it for a while it drops a Chris Kenyon, but he’s listed on the TRS-80 version with the “guy with bare legs and '80s moustache swinging a sword at a waist-high troll in broad daylight” cover art, which is more in line with his other work listed there.


I think most of the early art was done by the publishers that Infocom hired. I’m sure you’ve seen Get Lamp. They mention it in there. Of course, I could be wrong.


“They needed to have Zork II out in time for Christmas, and so worked frantically with the advertising agency Rosenthal had found to craft a whole new look for the series.”

That’s from Digital Antiquarian but I’m looking and still can’t find the name of the agency.

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Good catch. I thought I remembered that some ad agency was involved but I didn’t dig up the right reference until you pointed out that link.