'Who Kidnapped Mother Goose?' released


And now for something completely different…

Mother Goose has been kidnapped! She happens to be your next-door neighbour and a dear friend, so you feel compelled to find out who kidnapped her, then rescue her. In the process of doing so, you will meet quite a few characters that you may remember from the nursery rhymes of your childhood, but they are all much older now. Talk to the other characters, solve puzzles and revel in the nostalgia with nursery rhyme references galore. For those not familiar with the Mother Goose nursery rhymes, a feelie listing all the nursery rhymes used in the game is included.

This was my entry in Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024, so the game should be suitable for beginners. It includes a tutorial, generous in-game hints and a HINT command, where the hints are presented in verse.

The game can be played online or downloaded to play in your favourite z-code interpreter. Here’s the web page with full instructions, downloads and what have you: Who Kidnapped Mother Goose?


I beta-tested this game, and it was a fun one! Neat puzzles and a cool short adventure!
I got to blow up a bridge :smile: .


I’m glad you mentioned the testing. I had eight testers on this game and they did a fantastic job. I thought the game was reasonably solid, but there were some common issues that came up, mainly involving liquids. (I hate liquids.)

Anyway, I fixed all the big issues, but when I went through all the comments and transcripts, there were heaps more little things, from obscure bugs to easily-missed spelling errors and lots of suggestions for unusual things that a player might try.

I underestimated the amount of work necessary to fix the myriad of little things and was working into the wee hours to get it finished in time to submit to the comp. If I’ve missed anything, blame me, not the testers, as they were fantastic. I should have allowed time for a second round of testing. (If you were a tester, please play it again. I think you’ll like all the changes.)

The game is now much better hinted and the HINT command practically gives things away if you get stuck. (This wasn’t in the test version.)

In the end, I think this is a good game for beginners, but it still provides a reasonable challenge for experienced players if you don’t use HINT.