White Tiger: request for critique

I recently posted the Twine-based Interactive Fiction //White Tiger// to

I’d greatly appreciate any comments or criticism.

Warning: It’s more a PG picture book with subtitles than it is a game.

(I have no plans to enter this in any competition, so I have no problems with it being considered “published.” There’ll probably be a separate “Volume 2”, though, which is likely to have a lot more text.)

V1.2.1 of WhiteTiger has been uploaded to Borogove:


V1.0 was about 18 MB, which seemed to cause problems for some people.

v1.2.1 has been reduced to about 3 MB by shrinking its embedded pictures from 1Kx1K to 300x300 pixels.

Note: WhiteTiger is a “picture book.” It has lots of illustrations (133 at last count) and not a lot of text. It is not a text adventure consisting primarily of text with just a few illustrations.

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