Which interpreter for Mac OS X Yosemite?

Hi folks,

I’m interested in what interpreter Mac users running Yosemite are using. I’ve stopped using Zoom long ago because savegame problems and have used Gargoyle since. It does not look too good on my Retina display but runs fine except on some test games which might be related to an extension. Is Gargoyle still the go to interpreter on Mac? Thanks!

Yes, Gargoyle is the one which works. I believe sound is the only area where it has problems.

Spatterlight is another option. It seems to deal with sound fading better than Gargoyle, but that’s not an expert opinion.

Spatterlight’s Glk library hasn’t been updated in a whole lot of years. It doesn’t support the current sound-fading API at all.

I defer to your knowledge, but I don’t get fading in gargoyle while I do in spatterlight.

Thanks guys.