Where's the 'showcase' for twine so we can see what's been made, what it can do? cant find 'showcase' anywhere

also did twine started getting steam 5 months ago

edit: looks like there was a release aroudn that time

Question answered on Reddit.

Also, I don’t understand the Steam question.

Twine was created around 2010, but started getting really popular about 2012 with Anna Anthropy’s book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters.

IFDB search - games tagged “twine” rated 4 stars and above with at least 5 ratings:

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^ this is the answer

nvm i was wrong

this is the answer ->

No, IFDB is a much better link. Showcase is about best Twine games, not latest. And IMO IFDB tagging is much better than itch.io tagging - you won’t find 3D or bitsy games there.


‘3D or bitsy games’

why arent these on itch? w/e ‘bitsy’ is

showcase on itch is much much better 10000x better

has much more ratings

has much more books etc

I meant that IFDB does not have anything non-IF on it. The Itch store just agrees with every tag from the game author, so “Twine” tag is peppered with bitsy and 3D games. “Interactive fiction” tag is even worse, by the way.

On the page you linked, the top-rated game currently has only 5 ratings. Given that the list displays only works published in the 30 days, it won’t have much more ratings. As for “more free games”, quantity isn’t quality. Showcases should have more quality games, at least.



Also, this itch.io link (which you can already find in the “Information” bar in the r/twinegames subreddit) gives a much more complete list of Twine games on the itch.io site.

So, even if you were going to use itch.io for a “showcase”, you’re using a terrible choice of link to do it.

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IFDB is specifically a database of IF genre games. Itch accepts almost every type of game - 3D meaning games made in Unity or Unreal engine; bitsy is another simple 2D game creation engine. There are plenty of actual IF games on itch, but many of the authors who tag there may not be applying the “interactive fiction” tag in the same way that we think about it. IF as a genre is mostly text based stories you read and interact with. I can imagine that on itch there are people who go “my story is interactive, and there’s a plot, so it’s interactive fiction of course!” even if that game would never be thought of as classic IF.

Both can be useful resources. Itch, being more things to more people, is of course going to have a wider audience browsing there. For comparison, itch would be like Netflix which streams every genre of movie and TV shows, and another movie site like Shudder which specializes in just streaming one specific genre, in this case horror movies.

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Ah, but “intfiction.org promotes a broad definition of Interactive Fiction”. From that point of view, it’s hard to argue that IFDB is being more sensible than Itch here, and it’s also understandable that new community members would be confused about it.

We do, indeed, promote a broad definition of interactive fiction, but it hearkens to the issue that pretty much every game is interactive, and every game plot is a work of fiction, but “interactive fiction” as a genre hopefully specifies a type of gameplay. Not every pair of pants that cause someone to sweat would necessarily be classified as “sweatpants” which are a specific type of garment.

I understand what you mean though. Hopefully our work here is to direct people to helpful resources and educate about the differences.

Also the reviews on IFDB are from players that are not only familiar with interactive fiction but have a passion for it, so the reviews hold a lot more weight.

In comparison, the itch.io reviews are like “The game was only ten minutes long, had no story, and the spelling and grammar were like those of a 3rd grader… but I’ve never played a text game before. It was neat! 5 stars!” It probably doesn’t apply to IF much, but it seems approximately 1/3 of reviews on itch.io for graphical games are people that just want you to watch their stupid YouTube Lets Play.

…honestly I don’t think the question of whether everything tagged as “Interactive Fiction” counts as IF is necessarily relevant here, because that search is for things tagged as Twine on itch, and I’m happy to count all Twines as IF if they want to be counted as that. And I don’t see that many things on there that aren’t Twine. (Even the thing that appears to be an unfinished sex questionnaire is given the genre Interactive Fiction there.)

The issue is more that, since it’s only things posted in the last 30 days, it includes everything posted in the last 30 days. This list of the top-rated itch games tagged Twine posted ever looks like more of a showcase–there’s some games on that list that are recognized as classics around these parts, and some that are new to me.

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