Where to get Trinity and Mind Forever Voyaging


Bowing my head in shame I have to admit I have played neither Trinity nor Mind Forever Voyaging (I was a Magnetic Scrolls boy back at the time). The question is, where would I get those games now, for Mac?

Expect a PM shortly.

I note without prejudice that a web search for “Infocom game files” is not fruitless.

I am aware of that, but in the age of GOG and Steam and what have you, I was looking for more… supportive options. :wink:

Oh, well, you should have said. :slight_smile:

I thought GOG had them all, but I see it’s just the “Zork Anthology” collection for Windows. (1/2/3/0/BZ/Planetfall.) Why just that set? Who knows.

The only other Activision-sanctioned sale outlet that I’m aware of, at present, is the iOS “Lost Treasures” collection. Extracting game files from the iOS app is probably possible with some hackery.

Or you could purchase the collection (via Mac iTunes, even if you lack an iOS device) and consider that your expression of support.

Thing is, and to be blunt, who are you supporting? Considering especially that the feelies of yesteryear are reduced to images, and in some cases poor quality black and white images at that, missing even some information in one particular case (Ballyhoo).

EDIT - When I bought “Zork Anthology”, non-online many years ago (included RTZ and Nemesis), it actually included most/all Infocom games, as .DAT files w/o manuals or feelies.

It did? I never bought that collection (already had LTOI at that point) but I never heard that it had extra game files.

computerhistory.org/collecti … /102715775

I guess I could rummage through Nick Montfort’s collection…

Yeah. Completely unadvertised, just the .DAT files in a .DAT folder. At the time it was my first real contact with IF, so I had no idea how much I was missing out not having the manuals/feelies. Naturally, I never got anywhere in those games.

Yeah, that one. But I bought…

…oh, NOW I remember. “Zork Legacy”, which included Zork Anthology (the one you linked to), RTZ and Nemesis.

Possibly the .dat files were on the RTZ CD. I don’t remember. I was the kind of kid that checked the content of every folder, to see if there was anything hidden, or anything I could access outside of the game for fun.

No matter where you get your Infocom files, you’ll probably want to keep links to The Infocom Documentation Project (http://infodoc.plover.net/) and the Infocom Gallery (http://infocom.elsewhere.org/gallery/), as they provide better scans than what most of the commercial packages provide.

Ah, yes, I should have mentioned that in my PM I also linked to those. But it’s always worth pointing out, so thanks. :slight_smile: