Where to Begin on Macos Sierra?


I downloaded a .gblorb gme that sounded interesting. I have tried it on Gargoyle and Lectrote, without being able to play it in either. So what are good options?

  • I have a strobe sensitivity, so I need to avoid blinking cursors. I have trouble seeing around these cursors, and get migraines from extended exposure to these cursors. Or from brief exposure to strobes, turn signals, etc. I can disable the blinking cursors in Firefox, which has its own blink settings, and in NSText apps, but not in Webkit apps unless they have their own blink settings. I figure interactive fictions should be more accessible than most other games…

  • I know Inform is for writing interactive fiction, I don’t know if it is good for playing interactive fiction too.

  • I tried the standard Mac version of Gargoyle, and couldn’t type anything into it.

  • I tried the Sierra Mac version of Gargoyle, discussed here, https://intfiction.org/t/unofficial-gargoyle-build-for-macos-10-12/10574/1 and could type through the initial settings dialogue, but couldn’t get to the game. I only got a blank window.

  • I tried the standard Mac version of Lectrote, but couldn’t to the initial settings dialogue, to to a “Quixe init: glk_put_jstring: invalid stream” error. Also, the debugger has a flashing cursor and the help implies the regular screen would normally have a flashing cursor.

  • I will need to tweak some settings, for font size, scrollbars, and in webkit apps, blink rate. So I will need to know where they store their settings.


Is the problem just this game? Does any game work for you in either Lectrote or Sierra Gargoyle?

If you know how to set the cursor blink rate in Chrome (Lectrote’s embedded browser), I’d be happy to add a Lectrote preference. Probably not right away, though – busy month – sorry.

If the game doesn’t run under either Gargoyle or Lectrote, that implies that there are bugs in the game. (It would help if we knew which game we were talking about.)

Sorry, I don’t know how to do anything in Chrome. People sometimes recommend it as a more accessible browser, but chrome.google.com is not an accessible site. If I don’t block Javascript, it triggers migraines. If I do, it is blank.

I tried All Roads from the list of starter games. It seems to run, but it’s a .z5 instead of .gblorb. I don’t know where else to search, to find some other games to test the .gblorb format and to enjoy for themselves.

So which game didn’t work for you? You never said.

I was trying NukuNookee’s Gynoid Conversion game: nukunookee.deviantart.com/journa … -625212370

So far I’ve enountered the same bug in 039, 038, and 037. I haven’t figured out Inform to compile from source and debug that way, and I don’t have an old enough version of inform.