Where on web you keep images for game?

Hi again.

Im using the online editor, atleast for now. I tried to use google drive to store some images i would like to use in my game, but that does not work well. Same issues i have at onedrive.

I dont have any personal website hosting and gettin one just for one project feels bit too much.

Is there some good site, where i can upload images and link them to the game with just <img src…?
Same problem with audio files too.

Set up a personal website and use it for your next five projects.


Ok, got me smiling :rofl:

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Right now I’m using https://neocities.org/ and having a lot a fun with it. You’ll have to chip in ($$$) if you want to host audio files though…

Don’t quote me on this, but I did use https://github.com/ for some temporary storage of files too! (As long as you are willing to keep the content “public” and everything is “legit”…)

I’m also having a lot of fun with the IFPS Network [https://ipfs.io/]; setting up an IPFS node is a lot easier than a full fledged web server on a typical computer!

Long story short, you get a lot of bang for the buck with Neocities and your own IPFS node…

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Thanks buddy. Neocities looks pretty fine for me. Goin to check it out with wix.

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Is your game playable somewhere online? Then put the images in the same place.

Is your game playable locally on the user’s computer? Don’t put them online, include them with the download instead.

Most Twine games I’ve seen that you download, but have their images online, just end up having a bunch of broken images after a few years. Not to mention the fact that the images take a while to download, instead displaying instantly like they would if they were local files.

If you’re using SugarCube, then you might want to take a look at the “Displaying Images in Twine” section of my Twine/SugarCube sample code collection. That shows you how to make local files visible while editing your game within the Twine browser.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

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Ill like to use that online editor. Problem with images and audio…well, you know. Idea is to add images and audio files locally with the game once its done. But for now, i need some easy place, where i can add em all just for visual testing purposes.

Once game is done, ill add all to subfolder and change one variable from url to “/images” and all should work.

As I just said, assuming you’re using the SugarCube story format, the code I linked you to shows you how to use local files when doing testing. There’s no need to put them online for that.

Thank to you too.Maybe ill just fire-up some website for my game. Or use your way, not sure. Gettin late here

nearlyfreespeech.net is a source for very inexpensive websites. You can use the assigned address if you don’t want to register a domain name. Pennys per month though it is mostly self service. They have an excellent FAQ that provides all the help you need.

If you host your game on itch.io and it will host all resources (including images) that you require.


Not sure why you quoted that part of what I said, since that answer was specifically for if the game playable locally on the user’s computer.

Your answer was no different than this part of what I said:

I thought I was replying to the original post, sorry for quoting something downstream. I make this mistake in the intfiction forum all the time.

Sorry about that.