Where does Parchment save the transcript?

I’m using Parchment to run a z5 game on itch.io. I’ve tried recording a transcript. It prompts me for a name. I used ‘transcript’. When I enter SCRIPT OFF, it says ‘End of transcript.’, but I can’t find it anywhere on my computer or using the Firefox web developer tools. I’ve searched and read any forum topics I could find related to this, but none of the hacky solutions work for me.

So, where does Parchment save the transcript?


It should be in local storage. Type localStorage in the browser console and you should see the various Glk files, autosaves etc.


Thanks. I found it. I had named it ‘transcript’. There are two keys named content:transcript::transcript and direct:transcript::transcript. It’s the first one that I need, but it’s stored as an array of comma-separated decimal numbers corresponding to the ASCII characters. How do I convert this to a string?

OK. Worked it out.

Double-click on the key to open it in the Filter values panel.

Right-click on the Data in the Filter values panel and choose Copy in the shortcut menu.

Open a new document in your favourite text editor and paste the clipboard into the new document.

Delete the guff at the beginning and end so that you are left with only a comma-separated list of decimal numbers.

Replace all the commas with spaces.

Select the whole document and copy it to the clipboard.

Do a Google search for a web site that converts decimal numbers to ASCII. I used Convert Decimal to ASCII - Online ASCII Tools.

Paste into the input box, copy the resuts from the output box and paste this into a new document. Alternatively, you can save the space-separated decimal numbers to a file, import the file into the online tool and save the results to a file.


Console one-liner:

new TextDecoder().decode(new Uint8Array(JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("content:transcript::filename.txt"))))

Replace filename.txt with the actual transcript filename. Copy-paste the output to a text editor and replace “\n” with a newline.

But if you just want to get the transcript out of Parchment you can command TRANSCRIPT, click on the Edit button in the popup, choose the transcript file, and click the Display button.


I had previously tried both of these methods and they didn’t work for me.

Trying to do this on Chrome but I can’t find the file. Anyone know where this kind of local storage will be for Chrome?

Ctrl+Shift+I to open developer tools.
Select Application tab.
Expand Local storage.
Select https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net (or similar).
Double-click the Value column adjacent to the content:transcript::your_name value.
Copy it and follow my instructions.

Alternatively, you may be able to follow @Juhana’s instructions.

Type “restore” in the game, click the Edit button, and you can get the transcript to display in the “file dialogue”.

Got it, thanks all!

As I’ve said before, this doesn’t work for me. It just says, “You have no save files for this game.” I’ve tried all the suggested techniques with Firefox and Chrome on Windows.

I figure it will get fixed sooner or later…

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