Where does BYOD take place?

I’m asking because I’ve seen reviews that describe the location as “a big tech company” and “a tech giant

…but the intro text states “The firm you were assigned to is McKenzie & Lloyds, a giant in the management consulting and professional services sector (whatever that is).”

I’m wondering whether I missed something.

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If there’s one thing players of interactive fiction hate doing, it’s reading :slight_smile:


First of all, thanks for playing! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Some notes about the setting:

The company...

…is supposed to be a Big Four-type of firm, where they do have divisions for tech projects, but deal with them in such an abstract and buzzword-driven way that you’re never sure if there’s something behind the smoke. The idea is that the PC has the culture shock of someone who is into computers when put in this American Psycho-type of setting.

Some inspiration for the plot, back in 2015, came from Mr. Robot, where the protagonist has similar ethical hacking motivations, and I got the slimy boss idea from reading something about the Julie Ann Horvath experience in GitHub. Neither of those corporations were of the same type, but I merged it all (with some personal experiences added into the mix).

Also, the tech is not really consistent

…it’s like the story happens in an alternate timeline, where the WWW didn’t happen and everything has kept that early nineties feel. There seem to be wireless LANs and smart-enough phones (no specifics are given, but I imagine the PC’s handset has the clunkiness of an old-school Blackberry or a Nokia N900).

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