where did all the games go?

The link from the front page saying that you can still play and browse the games goes to the games list. But when I tried “play online” and “download” links for The Wand and Absence of Law, they went to the games’ IFDb pages. Are the games accessible still? Did the end-of-voting code trigger some sort of massive redirect?

They leave the IFComp website when voting ends. It takes a little while for them to migrate into the archive, then they’ll be available again.

ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … n2017.html went live last night.

Even better! I’ll try to go and link them on IFDB.

OK, but it seems like the thing to do then would not be to leave up a link that says “You can still play and browse the games” and have it go to a page from which you can’t actually play and browse all the games. Maybe next time around it would be a good idea to keep the games on ifcomp.org for a little longer, until the IFDb links (or whatever you get from the main IFComp page) are working?

Thanks for linking my page, CMG.


Sure thing!

Right now I’m up to The Living Puppet, but I’m going to take a small break. I’m just blitzing through trying to add playable files to all the pages. I know some games have extras and walkthroughs, but I haven’t been focusing on those. I figure authors can add more detail to their pages later, and right now it’s most important to just get the games available again.

Okay, all the games should have playable files on IFDB now. I’d urge authors to double-check theirs, since I wasn’t sure how some data should’ve been entered in a few cases, but the links are in place for people to get the files.

Apparently the links have been reactivated on the IFComp website. I guess they weren’t supposed to switch to IFDB yet? I could’ve sworn that’s how it went in past years. Well, they’re on IFDB now anyway!