Where can you publish an Inform game with its own interpreter?

Where can you upload an Inform 7 game released with its own interpreter and custom CSS for online play?

I’m told itch.io is possible. Does Borogove allow this type of upload, including the interpreter?


https://textadventures.co.uk will accept HTML text games.

Submit a Game to textadventures.co.uk

Game files we accept:

  • Games written for the Quest text adventure game system - file types .quest, .cas
  • HTML text-based games (e.g. output from Squiffy, Twine, Inform etc.) - file types .html, .zip
  • Inform Z-machine or Blorb games - file types .z5, .z8, .ulx, .zblorb, .gblorb

Any other type of file or game will be deleted. All uploads are checked by a moderator. If you have any questions before uploading, please contact us.

Want to know more? Find out more about submitting a game

I tested Borogove, and they will not accept a ZIP file. :frowning:

# Borogove.io accepts both Inform and HTML so I assume is the same thing. I would suspect Borogove might have a file limit so it may not be a good choice for a large mega game with lots of multimedia.


This is a free hosting service for Interactive Fiction games. You can upload games and share them with others by giving out a link to play online.

Games must be either parser system story files or HTML files. Currently supported file formats:

  • HTML (including Twine and Texture)
  • Z-Machine (Inform, Dialog, ZIL)
  • Glulx (Inform)
  • .gam, .t3 (TADS)
  • HEX (Hugo)
  • Å-Machine (Dialog)
  • Ink JSON files

Game uploads can be public or private. Public uploads can be found in the gallery on the front page. Private uploads aren’t listed anywhere and can only be accessed through the direct link.


Does borogove accept zip files that include an index.html? I have a vague memory of it not doing so…

I tested; Borogove won’t accept a zip, so it will only accept bare Twine html without supporting files or a Glulx/Z (etc) for parser, currently. (I believe the main purpose of that site is hosting short files made with the online IDE and other test files without extensive multimedia.)

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Neocities and github.io can also host html files for free (along with css/js/images).


For what it’s worth, publishing a web game to itch has been a good experience for me. There are some nice social features and usage stats.


You can upload a zip file to ifarchive.org containing the HTML/JS/CSS files, including an index.html. It will be playable via the “View Contents” link.


It’s definitely possible on itch, as that’s what I use. For a shameless plug, see my latest game, Cargo Breach as an example. This uses the Parchment interpreter with customised index.html and css files, similar to what you’re talking about.

Just put everything in a zip file with your index.html at the highest level (not inside any folders) and use relative links for any resources, such as css, images etc.


Thanks, everyone!