Where are the chat channels? [Forum Trust Level]

Hi All,

This morning I could see the forum and a list of people I have a personal chat with. But not the general chat channels like the lounge, the sidebar, etc… Anyone having the same problem? Do I need to do something special to get these channels back?

On the sidebar at the left I see the dropdown lists of: Categories - Tags - Messages - Personal chat. Looks like I am missing “Channels” as a whole category…


I think you may have slipped out of tier needed to access them. When I check the folks in the chats, your name isn’t there anymore. Just sent you a screenshot.


@Lancelot I’ve PM’d you some schtatishticks. :nerd_face:


What happened? (Or is it private?)

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Apparently I was not active enough. I guess I was kinda busy writing my game to get it out the door before the deadline of the One Choice jam. I still see myself as a Regular but no Channels in sight yet.


8 posts were split to a new topic (in the Lounge restricted to Trust Level 3 Regulars): Trust Level Requirements (TL3 “Regular” specifically)

As a test, I have opened a public chat channel for Off-Topic discussion to see if it serves the needs of the community better. You no longer need to hit any trust level (you just can’t be a brand new user) to access the public channel chat. You may need to refresh the browser to see it.

The only requirement: It is for general off-topic chat and socializing only. If you need to discuss coding or require technical assistance, please create a forum topic in the appropriate category.

Be aware this is a test and is subject to change or removal at any time based on feedback and utilization.


I struck the same thing. I noticed that the little blue circle was missing from the chat balloon, so clicked on it and all channels are closed. Is that closed to everyone or just closed to me because I’ve been too busy to wade through the thousands of chats?


The former.


It was made very clear to me that people didn’t want to be excluded from chat, so I’ve fixed it.

No more FOMO. :nerd_face: