wheel of time game (eragon, in fact)


some time ago, I played an IF on a website related to wheel of time. The game itself was based on WOT of course. It was an Inform game, using zplet or zmpp. I think I’ve downloaded the game, but I can’t find it again, nor can’t I find any information about it (probably the website disappeared). Do you remember this? Is it hosted on ifarchive?

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it. I wish I did, though! If you find it again, please tell.

I think we talked about it on RAIF or RGIF, or on this forum, but I can’t find the thread again. I don’t think people who played it liked it much because it was pretty basic, but in my opinion, and with my non-native speech, I found it enjoyable.

Sorry, my fault, I remember now it wasn’t about Wheel of Time, but about Eragon:

Probably because I’ve read the 2 series at about the same time.

For some reason I’ve started playing this a bit. Lotta guess-the-formulation.

Anyone know how you dry your hands? I suspect it has something to with the tunics.

Are you referring to the part where you need to get the fungus? If so,

you need to USE TUNICS.

:imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

My sense at the time this thing appeared was that it was :clueless: rather than :evil:.

That was my impression as well. (See also: TALK TO and USE being the only custom verbs, an old-school maze, and the unclued puzzle with the tapestry and the magic word [edit: wait, I suppose the magic word is a new verb as well].) But the fact that Paolini played around with Inform increases my respect for him nonetheless.

I read this just when I had left it behind (why would I need old smelly tunic?)

thankfully, it’s not needed for this. You simply need an empty jar. BTW, in the inventory it’s not listed in the jar, even though you can’t touch it :laughing:

BTW, this game should be recommended on the Fantasy Game topic. even though it features a damned maze and a few guess-the-verb instance. Minor grips aside, the puzzles are logic and fair.

I wasn’t so much calling the game evil as expressing my feelings after reading it. The thing is that that was the exact command I had just typed in

but not in the right place; I was trying to use it to dry my hands off. Is there any way to wipe your hands off? I was kind of impressed in a sea of guess-the-verb (I had tried a bunch of different ways to get the fungus with the tunic) that “wash hands in pool” worked the first time I tried it, but it didn’t actually accomplish what I needed it to. Is there actually an alternate solution, which would be kind of cool, or is it a carefully crafted red herring, which would be less cool? Also, where did you get the empty jar?

It’s in the tent.

Oh, I thought I had tried to take some of that stuff but maybe I hadn’t.

Anyway! I definitely don’t need to be spending my IF time on this.

well, just finished it. Yeah, it’s quite badly implemented (like a jar that is no container, objects that you find out about during disambiguation, a bit of guess-the-verb if you don’t keep it simple, characters who’ll repeat their dialogue after getting their prizes etc) but pretty straightforward and with fair puzzles

it was kinda fun, but there’s much better IF out there. which means being a professional writer doing IF means jack :laughing:

It’s a good sign, though. As far as I’ve seen most IF writers come from programming backgrounds rather than writing backgrounds.

IIRC Infocom tried really hard to get professional writers to make games with them, and eventually got Douglas Adams (Bureaucracy and [/i]Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy[/i]) and Michael Berlyn (Suspended). Ironically, those struck me as the games that would make the worst books (although a recursive adaptation of Hitchhiker’s Guide might be interesting).

My recollection is that it was most remarkable for being made with Inform 7 but rudely suppressing the message indicating so. And there was some sleuthwork fingering a certain web designer as the author of this and another book tie-in game… and my Mobygames entries on the two of them timed out prior to a complete submission and so the trail has run cold 8)

Inform 6.3, actually, but yes. But I don’t know about the certain web designer.

Is there a place where I can download this?

alagaesia.com/game/ is the web site. I’m rather surprised it’s still up.

The Z-code file is at alagaesia.com/game/Eragon.z5

And if for some reason you want to play it on Parchment (which is what I was doing) you can do it at iplayif.com/?story=http%3A//www. … /Eragon.z5