What's your Spring Thing?

I’m working on “Roger’s Day Off” - An adventure with time-travelling teapots!

You help the hapless “Roger”, who’s taken on a wild and wacky adventure through time, collecting the parts of a special “tea set”. You encounter all sorts of perils, get to meet many strange characters, including androids from the 23rd century!

It’s all in a Day Off’s work!

I hope people will like it.


I can’t see your image! I don’t know if others can. I’d love to gander it, though!

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Should work now.

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That is fantastic. This wouldn’t happen to have Russell’s Teapot as an inspiration, would it?

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There are a number of teapots in the game.

The Russel’s teapot is a good idea. I’ll see if i can get that in. Also there might be “tempest in a teapot”.

As I’m sure you all know, time machines are always disguised as teapots :slight_smile:

Here’s your time teapot in the kitchen

And here’s a slightly fancier one…

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Can you find a way to work in the Newell teapot?

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Perhaps, but I’ve never liked the Utah teapot because the spout and handle penetrate the body.

Here’s a 3D view:

If you look at the gap between the lid and the body, you can see the spout poking into the inside. And, why is there a gap round the lid?

Due to the poly/poly intersection, if you look closely on the surface at where the spout meets the body, it looks wrong. The points of contact do not look smooth, but slightly warped.

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I figured I should share a little about my project too- here’s the coverart I’ve done up for it!

Someone claiming to be your father is trying to break in.

Following the eponymous Sweetpea is: a mosaic faced guardian angel, something wearing her father’s guise, and the detritus of life in their gently crumbling mansion.

It’s going to be a little choice-based, narrative heavy and lightly gothic based romp. :blush:


I’m going to be trying to make a multiplayer choice game with, uh, timed segments (!). That’s the hope, I mean. We’re edging up on the date and I’m nowhere near where I’d want to be, so I suspect that I’m going to have to do some pretty drastic last-minute cuts.

Oh, and testing. I need testing. Especially since netcode is a tricky thing and I’m not 1000% confident that it’ll hold up without more banging on it.


Is this the one we tested a while ago?

Whether yea or nay, send it over.

Whoooo-boy do I feel you there!
sweating jordan peele



My original plan was to be testing by March. Still writing… :slight_smile:


I could use one last tester: someone who is a reluctant and/or inexperienced parser player. Since one of my main goals was to make a game that would be really friendly to folks who don’t generally like parser games, if there’s one of you out there willing to take a look and give me some feedback on how well I achieved that goal, I’d be grateful. Most of my testers have been parser-lovers, and they’ve whipped it into shape, but I need another viewpoint.

Edit: I have a reluctant tester now!


At my current rate my thing will not be spring.

Or 2021, for that matter.

Ah well, I look forward to playing the entries.

EDIT: or, I must say, 2022


It’s not the same one, it’s completely different and also not done aaaaa!!!

Rest assured, I’ll send it over when it’s in a reasonable state, hopefully not too close to the deadline.


My game is called Computerfriend!

(I commissioned cover art from a very talented painter named Danielle Chenette).

I had a really great time entering in the most recent IFComp, and I had another idea I wanted to get out of my system. The game is set in a sort of alternate history 1999, and the story involves a computer program that’s an amalgamation of a bunch of therapy textbooks.

I realized about halfway in that I’d inadvertently taken the advice of many of my IFComp game’s critics: this one has no swears, little lingo, few complex futuristic concepts/confusing metaphors, and far more replayability; pretty much the opposite of my IFComp game. It also took a TON more work… but hopefully I’ve made something that people will enjoy exploring :slight_smile:

I’m so excited reading everyone’s synopses, can’t wait for the fest to open!


About @AmandaB 's game:

Mice and cooking…

Hmm… Ancient Roman cuisine anyone?

Stuffed Dormouse and Fish Gut Sauce: The Flavors of Pompeii - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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Lots of exciting things in this thread! Debating if it would be more purposeful and generally beneficial to run a review thread or submit my entry (an unintelligible migraine that probably won’t utilize the venue very well). I kind of wish I could do both. I guess I technically can if I release the reviews after the festival or something, but in a quite literal way that feels so much less festive.


I’ve written a few Dungeons and Dragons solo gamebooks (e.g. The Saint’s Tomb). I’m submitting my latest gamebook to Spring Thing. I know the style is not something that everyone in this community loves, so I’m submitting to the Back Garden.


I enjoyed being able to re-proofread my IFComp reviews. So I think if you use the embargo function, it’d be a great way to give people a chance to say “Gee, I didn’t see that Spring Thing entry! I’d like to give it a look!” I think they’ll enjoy the motivation.