What's your favorite typical food?

Anyone want my lazycake recipe?


No. When I cook or bake I do a full recipe. I take some shortcuts, but not too many. So I won’t create a lazycake. But the photos about your little waffle-like things looked delicious. Was that a lazycake in the photos?


Nope, that was breakfast sausage wrapped around a ball of cheddar cheese, cooked partially on a frying pan, and then skewered and dipped into waffle mix before being cooked, skewer-in, on a waffle iron. No name yet, to be honest.

Oh, and if you prefer a full recipe, I’ll give you one.


1.) Preheat oven to roughly 175 °C/350 °F/806.67 Rankine.

2.) Mix one 20 oz (~600 mL) can of crushed pineapple with one 15.25 oz (432 gram) box of prepared yellow or white cake mix with a mixing spoon in a standard mixing bowl just until fully incorporated.

3.) Pour batter into a greased (or not, whatever) cake pan (go to town on the mixing bowl and spoon; no raw egg).

4.) Bake according to the baking times printed on box of cake mix.

5.) Cool (or not) and serve whatever size pieces you prefer topped with whipped topping.

shopping (20)

No eggs, no flour, no oil, only 2 absolutely required ingredients, no measuring, no mixer, no spreading frosting, the raw batter is safe to eat, the cooling period is optional, and the cleanup is minimal.


BBQ is smoked in a smoker. People do tend to throw stuff on the grill and call it BBQ, but it ain’t. I always think it’s adorbs how my NYC friends have what they call “barbecues” where they grill hamburgers on a little patio grill and then put bottled sauce on them.


I have witnessed the splitting of large amounts of super cheap hotdogs (think bar s bought on sale) into 4 equal lengths, dumped into large gallon bags and marinated in various sauces. These are then loaded into the smoker for several hours, and then, depending on how juicy they still were, into a dehydrator. The finished product was referred to as wood tick jerky.

Rural Northern Michigan is a… special place.


** weeps softly in despair**


I currently live in NC but grew up in the Southwest in New Mexico. This time of year especially, but also one of my favorites, is tamales. I usually make pork with red chile. I always make them at Christmas. Also Pozole Rojo (Mexican Pork and Hominy Stew). Very traditional to serve on New Years Day and also one of my favorites.


Necessity may be the mother of invention, but its bedfellows are most certainly poverty and desperation.


My mom grew up in Albuquerque. New Mexico food is amazing!

re: barbecue, I have seen a fistfight over which barbecue sauce was better. That was in Arkansas, though. People there will fight over anything (I grew up in Arkansas)


In italy we BBQ wurstels (hot dog in US ?) sausages and T-bones, and smoked “provola” and other cheeses.

The accompanying wine must be red.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


To be fair, this is a better reason to have a fight than most. Good sauce is really important.


That pretty much sums up German grilling. We normally add a bowl of potato-salad (self-made or bought). And beer.